tender [1] ADJECTIVE (tenderer, tenderest) 1) gentle and sympathetic. 2) (of food) easy to cut or chew. 3) (of a part of the body) sensitive. 4) young and vulnerable. 5) requiring tact or careful handling.
tender mercies — Cf. ↑tender mercies
DERIVATIVES tenderly adverb tenderness noun.
ORIGIN Old French tendre, from Latin tener 'tender, delicate' .
tender [2] VERB 1) offer or present formally. 2) make a formal written offer to carry out work, supply goods, etc. for a stated fixed price. 3) offer as payment.
NOUN a tendered offer.
put something out to tender — Cf. ↑put something out to tender
DERIVATIVES tenderer noun.
ORIGIN Latin tendere 'stretch, strive, hold forth' .
tender [3] NOUN 1) a vehicle used by a fire service or the armed forces for carrying supplies or fulfilling a specified role. 2) a wagon closely coupled to a steam locomotive to carry fuel and water. 3) a boat used to ferry people and supplies to and from a ship.
ORIGIN originally in the sense «attendant, nurse»: from TEND(Cf. ↑tend) or ATTEND(Cf. ↑attender).

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